Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts on Mets 2 losses

Let's be frank....nobody was happy with the two losses to the Marlins.

I was especially disappointed with Wednesday's loss because I was at Citifield on a beautiful night in tremendous field level seats. (It seems every time I get my hands on really good seats, the seats are the best part of the game, as I usually go home disappointed.) Even more disappointing was the fact that Mets made a nice comeback, scoring 5 runs without an RBI hit. Clearly the Marlins were trying to give the game away and the Mets couldn't cash in on it. I don't think Maine was terrible...he actually kept the Mets in the game; he just seemed rusty.

Thursday's loss to me was simple...the Mets were outpitched. Niese looked impressive, but the bats were silenced. It's going to just seemed worse because it followed a disappointing loss on Wednesday.

I'm still optimistic!!

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