Monday, April 5, 2010

Predicted Batting Stats

Clearly this is no exact science, but here are my offensive predictions:

Player Avg. HR RBI
Reyes .302 12 58
Castillo .278 2 46
Wright .305 29 116
Beltran .280 22 80
Bay .281 32 111
Francoeur .288 22 90
Barajas .245 15 65

Clearly Beltran's stats are low because he will miss about 4-6 weeks. I think he will come back with a vengence though. I have a feeling that they will be cautious with Reyes all year and he will not play as many games as past seasons when he was 100%. I expect a very good year from Frenchie, but batting further down in the lineup, I think it might be hard for him to get to 100 RBIs. I really don't know what to expect from Castillo, so I predicted a bit of a drop off from last season, provided he plays a similar number of games as last year.

I left out 1B now...we really don't know how that's going to play out. My hope is that Jacobs will get the bulk of the playing time and hit over 20 HRs and drive in over 80 RBIs, but somehow I think that's a longshot.

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